This Pecan has rooted! I found this when I went to my garden a couple days ago. Seeing one of my pots had been tipped and another pot next to it having a hole in its soil, I went over to check it out. I straightened the tipped pot and then I reached into the other pot- A pecan! A pecan with a root! I figured it must have been put there by a squirrel. For some reason, it did not dawn on me that I could plant the pecan and begin growing a small pecan tree. I set it aside and left it for a few days while I went on, busy planting seeds in other pots for spring. Soon, the roots began to look a bit shriveled; and I finally decided it was “now or never” to plant it. So I did. We’ll see what happens. Maybe in a couple years I’ll be harvesting pecans!

Do you want to grow your own pecan tree? Here’s How.

  1. Go to a local park or anywhere you know that there are pecans. Collect a few to eat and a few to plant. Next, place each of the pecans you collected (depends on how many trees you want) in paper towels, wet the paper towel and roll up the pecan inside. Put this in a plastic bag and label the date. Keep checking the pecan every couple of weeks to see if it has germinated. Be patient. They take some time!
  2.  Once your pecan has grown a root, open up the plastic bag, but keep the paper towel moist. When the root is larger, plant horizontally in a small container of potting soil. Plant two inches deep. Cover the pot with plastic wrap to retain moisture. You can use a toothpick to lift the plastic wrap up, making a tepee for your young pecan tree. This will allow the pecan plant to grow without the pressure of the plastic wrap. You might want to poke a few holes in the plastic to allow some air circulation.
  3. Once the plant is established, ( until the plant is about 2″ tall), the plastic wrap can come off. Continue to grow the seedlings inside; planting in the ground when the young pecan tree is 1ft high. Plant in rich sandy loam soil in part sun. It does take a longer time for the pecan tree to begin producing fruit when grown from seed, but with patience and time you’ll be cracking into those delicious nuts before you know it.


Happy Gardening!


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